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what is

Boost 360 is probably the world’s best online business management suite. And specifically it let’s you do three things for business online:


Setup a Boost 360 business website within minutes. All along with auto-SEO, responsive design, product catalogue and payment gateway. Syncs with your social media channels, for even better reach.


With the Boost 360 app or web portal, you can update your website whenever you want. Be it relevant business updates, products or services. Deep analytics help you figure out what’s working better.


Customers contact you directly.
No hefty fees or margins, which you have to pay to be on marketplaces. All that adds up with more and more customers discovering your business online and transacting there.



Boost 360 has responsive designs that work for businesses from different categories - meant to create stickiness with customers. Modern, easy to read and quick to load.


Boost 360 websites are meant to load quick. No, real quick. With our technology, your business website will open up fast, anywhere in the world.


Boost 360 comes ready for business. Product catalogues, shopping carts, check-out pages and payment gateways are standard with every website.


Boost 360 for categories come with more specific category features. Like appointment scheduler for doctors or room reservation engine for hotels, etc.

just ask our customers

"I didn’t expect such results in such a short time."

RK Choudhary

R.K Meditech, Delhi

"Compared to all other platforms, NowFloats Boost has given us quick results, and an immediate brand identity online."

Dr. Rupinder Bhargava

Doctor Bhargava’s Clinic, Punjab

"All our queries were offline initially, now 60 to 70 % of our queries come from NowFloats Boost."

Prateek Bhasin

iQuest Commerce Academy, Delhi

"With NowFloats Boost I can update with ease and convenience and be discovered on multiple online platforms."

Shrishti Khurana

Unlimited Food Factory, Delhi

"NowFloats Boost is an online platform if you want
to be discovered easily."

Dr. Sartaj Bhuttar

ENT Specialist, Chandigarh

"We were only known locally in Delhi, but ever since we got a NowFloats Boost website, I get calls from Punjab, and now NRIs living abroad contact me too."

R.K. Bhatia

GST Consultants, Delhi

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