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Our mission is to connect 333 million businesses with over 5.16 billion internet users worldwide. Our vision is to let them do it simply, easily and quickly.

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At NowFloats, we are committed to providing the best experience for our customers and partners. We merge simplicity with innovation to create efficiencies for businesses and solve pressing problems.


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Helps SMBs set up their website and grow online.

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Helps retailers manage their shop & create online store.

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Open source framework to accelerate enterprise websites.

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Helps companies grow their multi-location business online.

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Enables businesses to unlock the potential of ONDC.

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Helps healthcare providers take their practice online.

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Online growth solution for manufacturing companies.

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Small business?
Big business?

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Small business? Big business?
We've got you covered

With cloud-first and mobile-first products, NowFloats is simplifying the digital journey of millions of businesses. From web to social to infinite scalability at a fraction of the cost—our innovations are popular with both big brands and small businesses. We approach every business category individually, creating industry-specific solutions that help businesses grow.

Innovations that simplify businesses

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NowFloats ONDC Link

NowFloats is one of the first companies to start enabling businesses to integrate ONDC to their e-commerce strategy. As a designated Technology Service Provider (TSP) to ONDC, we are equipped to onboard brands through the NowFloats ONDC Link.


RIA (Relationship Intelligence Agent) is a unique AI-based digital assistant patented by NowFloats that analyses merchant websites and shares customised recommendations.

Boost Studio

Our collection of 1000+ pre-designed customisable message templates enable merchants to greet their customers, share trending messages, and drive customer engagement. Now merchants can communicate with their customers in style!

My Biz App

Dynamic business app to showcase businesses and create the right impression on customers! My Biz App enables merchants to avail of their own business app and share it with their customers to make communication and purchases easier.

Readymade Catalogue

With 10,000+ items, our Readymade Catalogue can speed up stock onboarding and make inventory management easier. Merchants can use the auto-complete feature on the app to add items to inventory in seconds.

WhatsApp Payment Link

Make seamless online payments through our platform. Merchants can now share payment links with customers via WhatsApp for secure online transactions.

Third Party Integration

Zadinga offers third-party integration with its e-store to enable merchants to launch hyperlocal delivery services through companies like Dunzo.

Graph DB

Graph database enable data to be stored like sketching ideas on a whiteboard in the form of nodes and relationships. Flexibility in usage is achieved by not restricting the stored information to any predefined model.

Game for a challenge?

If you are passionate about solving problems like we are attempting, and you want to put your name on something substantial, check out our careers page. We won't promise it'll be easy, but it will definitely be one heck of a ride.


NowFloats offers a great work environment. It's a forward-thinking company that really challenges me to go out of my comfort zone.

Pratishtha Agnihotri

Engineering Manager - User Experience

New ideas are always encouraged here. Every suggestion is evaluated irrespective of the team from where it is coming.

Manjeet Kaur

Lead - Account Management

NowFloats has provided immense opportunities to learn, succeed and grow. The best part about NowFloats is the team! The team is awesome from the top to bottom.

Ragini Kumari

Engineering Manager - Quality Assurance

I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. I love the collaborative environment. It's always changing—always evolving.

Mohammed Abrar Ahmed

Assistant Manager Quality - Boost Experience

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