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Company Culture SaaS

Key aspects of a company culture

It is universally accepted that a company with great culture can achieve success at a much faster rate than others. Though it is not that easy to build a culture and keep it constant among all the employees as the company grows and scales. 

A culture of the company is driven by the people and their will to accept it by passing it on to each levels. There are 3 factors which generally drives culture within people and making sure it becomes successful.


Passion is the number 1 driver of the culture of a company. Without a group of people that truly care about the mission of serving the clients, a company would have a very hard time moving forward. Nothing but passion is going to drag you out of bed early every day to be at office on time, and make sure that everything is generally running smoothly. At NowFloats passion is all across and this passion is also something which company instills in itself which makes it more evident as to why each person is highly motivated even if how small their contribution is towards the company.  


“Be open to change and maintain flexibility”. Having a positive mindset towards any company process, structure change etc. makes one understand the true value of it. This again helps employees to think better on many fronts and improvise accordingly. It highly encourages people to follow the culture with a positive mindset and adapt to the situations which again drives the culture of the company. At NowFloats we embrace the change! A company goes through many situations but it’s the people who actually become pillars for the company to get through the change may it be a small change or even drastic business level change.



It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when there are events that make it feel like we’re moving backwards. Being able to celebrate hard-fought victories, however small, is crucial in keeping momentum. Every win we have counts one step closer towards the company goal.

Being able to celebrate wins with each other helps to strengthen our sense of togetherness and gets people motivated to support the company culture and vision. This particular point highly relates to our very own CEO Jasminder Singh Gulati who plays a very vital role in making sure every small detail is captured and is celebrated across both internal and external world.

Some of his Tweets which can help you understand it well are below.

Or, even celebrating each minute while having a fiscal year closing, supporting each employee by staying awake till whatever it takes!

Finally, I would also like to mention our core company values which actually flows in through each and every employee across the company.