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How can a business website help your business generate more leads?

The modern consumer expects all businesses, big or small, to have websites. A well-
designed, dynamic website gives your business an air of authenticity. But getting a
website alone won’t increase your leads drastically.

Here’s a step-by- step approach to generating more leads through your business

  1. Get a website: Consumers who can find you online are more likely to do business
    with you. When it comes to gathering information about local businesses, only 22%
    of potential buyers depend on word-of- mouth referrals. 51% of people get
    information about businesses from the internet.
  2. Drive traffic to your website: With more site visitors, the chances of getting leads
    improve. To drive traffic to your site, you can optimize your website for search so
    that it appears in top pages of Google search results. This could be achieved through
    SEO, and by providing regular and relevant content updates on your website.
  3. Use lead capture forms: The next step is capturing the visitor’s contact
    information for further engagement. For this purpose:
    1. Add an enquiry form on the ‘Contact us’ page that requires potential
      customers to enter their email address when submitting their questions.
    2. Add an option for visitors to sign up for newsletters, tutorials and any
      other useful content using their email addresses.
    3. Add a feedback form on the landing page that requires visitors to enter
      their contact info while submitting their feedback.
  4. Use Google Analytics: Web traffic data like traffic source, geography and user
    behaviour can be captured using these analytical tools. Analysing this data will help
    you identify areas of improvement and figure out new measures that could be
    deployed to increase user engagement and attract more users.
    Once you’ve implemented these four steps, you’re all set to receive more leads
    through your website.

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