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integrating whatsapp in your sales strategy

Here's A Super-Fast Way Of Converting Orders For Your Business Via WhatsApp

One of the most predictable thing that your customer will do is reaching out to you on WhatsApp. You could have a website with a chatbot running, you could be responsive on your Facebook messenger. Someone will still land in your WhatsApp inbox just to ask "Is this t-shirt available in grey also?". And then you painstakingly reply to each and every person who has reached out to you. 

Sometimes, your default keyboard makes your life a little easy. Have you ever stopped typing mid-sentence because your phone keyboard is predicting the next few words for you? Well, now we did that for your product catalog. 

Every business exists in an ecosystem that supports it; vendors, advertising agencies, logistics suppliers, all of them make your business reach more people. Similarly, your business website needs to be connected to services which enable and empower your brand, taking your products and services to more customers.

However, imagine if you have five social media accounts. In that case, uploading a blog or a picture on a daily basis to each will become a tedious task. But not when you have your business website on Boost. Using the Boot app or portal, you can configure and enable social sharing. 

Another tool in the Boost arsenal that enables social sharing is the Boost Keyboard. It allows you to share updates, products, and photos from your business website, directly to anybody from WhatsApp or whichever app you are in when using the keyboard. It also allows you to create and share new offers without leaving the app you are currently in.

Watch this video to see how simple it is to use your Boost keyboard so you're selling super-fast on WhatsApp:


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