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Digital Lead Acquisition

Acquiring Leads for a your Business : Foundational Questions

Potential Leads are very important for any business to sell their products, let that be a small brick and motor store to a large enterprise. There are different ways of getting these leads to the business. 

You need to work on a few other things before you expect the leads 

Customer Segment :

  • What is your Product?

  • What are you selling?

  • Who is your customer?

  • Who Needs your Product?

  • Who will be the right customer for your product?

Customer Geography:

  • Where will you find this set of Customer?

  • What is the % of your Right customers living in Metros, Tier 1, Tier 2 cities 

  • List Down all cities and Places you have maximum % of your customer.

What Mediums/ Channels to Reach your Customers:

  • Are your customers reachable on Phone 

  • Are your customers reachable on the email 

  • Are your customers reachable on social media 

  • Are your customers reachable on any other different Platform

Right Messaging:

  • What Messaging you wanted to show to your customers

  • What messaging will attract your customers to show some interest in your product 

  • What Kind of images, InfoGraphics, Statistics can you show to attract your customers 

When you have all these questions answered and the required information ready with you. You have 2 options to choose Inbound Leads and Out Bound Leads 

Inbound Leads - You can create Paid or Organic Marketing campaigns on Specific Customer segments on Different Mediums/ Channels with Different Messaging and pull in the customer interest on Booking an Appointment, Call Back, Create a Trial, Request a Demo, Get a Quotation, Make a Purchase. Try all combinations possible to arrive at a stage to predict and optimize the campaigns, Scale it to a larger customer base getting more number of leads keeping the lead marketing cost on the lower side

Outbound Leads - In Out Bound Lead approach, Business proactively reaches to customers and via Cold Calls, Emails, SMS, and explain about the product and create interest in the customer and converts them to sales.

Written by Edgar Christian

Experience in selling and managing SaaS-based Business Solutions. Currently handling Demand Generation and Inside Sales at NowFloats.